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o  International shipping agency for all kinds of vessels, full agency, protective agency, husbandry & hub agency

o  Issue of B/L, shipping contracts and collection of ocean freight

o  Cargo import & export clearance

o  Cargo forwarding, handling, warehousing & transshipment

o  Settlement of port dues & disbursement

o  Cargo hold cleaning, disposal of slop, loading/discharging supervision

o  Marine survey (on-hire & off-hire survey), maritime serrch and rescue, voyage repairing and dry docking, scrapping, satisfaction fo claim, maritime transaction processiong, ship delivery & redelivery, etc.

o  Ship's chartering & broker

o  Fresh water/provisions/ship's stores supply

o  Customs clearance for ship's spare parts in transit

o  Freight Forwarding

o  Logistics services

o  Broker

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