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Guishan Anchorage (Pilot Station)

P/STN area within four points Position
N22-07-20, E113-45-48 SILT 10m

Pilot on board point:

N22-08-00, E113-48-00

N22-07-20, E113-47-54 SILT
N22-08-30, E113-45-48 SILT
N22-08-30, E113-47-54 SILT
Remark: If vessel's arrival draft exceeds 10m, vessel could anchor at the large anchorage wighin below position:
P/STN area within four points N22-06-30, E113-52-00 SILT 14-18m

Pilot on board point:

N22-06-00, E113-51-00

N22-06-30, E113-55-00 SILT
N22-03-30, E113-52-00 SILT
N22-03-30, E113-55-00 SILT

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