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o  Terminal Location: (E: 113-26-656, N: 23-05-653)

o  Main channel: Depth is 8.5m in fresh water, draft limitation is 8.5m minus UKC (10% arrival draft) plus height of tide about 1.0-3.0m. (Remarks: Draft restriction of the shallow area from main channel to old port wharf No. 1-2 is 6.5-7.0m in fresh water plus height of tide about 1.0-3.0m, total is 7.5-10.0m in fresh subject to tide allowance)

o  Restriction: Dwt/loa/bm/draft/airdraft: Below 30000.0mt/190.0m/45.0m/9.0m in fresh water/60m (Draft of wharf No. 3 is 6.0m in fresh water only. If vessel's Dwt exceeds 30000.0mt below 50000.0mt, we have to apply berthing permission before vessel's arrival.)

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