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o  Steel Product Operation

     We are the top agent for vessel loading/discharging steel in Guangzhou. Our excellent coordination and effective communication with stevedore company, the vessel and the cargo receiver/shipper enable us to improve the efficiency of cargo loading and discharging. Cargo loading operations, for instance, we can meet all the requirements of the dunnage, lashing and loading/offloading equipments. We are highly praised by customers for our excellent operation.

o  Project Cargo Operation

     Our highly-qualified staffs, who are richly experienced and fluent in English, always have good communication with the port captain, super cargo, stevedore company and shipper/receiver during the special vessel cargo operation. Therefore, we can take rapid action to solve problems and ensure smooth cargo and vessel operation. 

o  Ro-Ro Ships Operations

     Before to the vessel's arrival, we will actively contact with different parties and work closely with them. We will also supervise the entire loading/discharging process; meanwhile, photo record will be kept for monitoring purpose. We do our utmost to minimize the damages to vehicles and vessel during the process, and maximize efficiency of the operation.

o  Zinc/Lead Ingots/Logs Operation

     We are professional at general cargo operations and highly capable of coordinating with different parties, which brings positive influence on speeding up the process.

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